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We should look for additional clues further on in the text. The Fall, Parts 1—4 Summary: Observations In "Design," the speaker describes a scene: We never forgot that we were acting.

A slave was a slave. But instead, she treats him not only with kindness but also a true tenderness. I was probably less prepared for the reality than the child crying not far from me.

However, the poem does not close with a question, but with a statement. This guide imagines you are sitting down to read a text for the first time on your way to developing an argument about a text and writing a paper. Rufus is a also a white male, which means he is a powerful being who could do Dana harm, so logic demands that she treat him with a good measure of decency.

The speaker then poses a series of questions, asking why this heal-all is white instead of blue and how the spider and moth found this particular flower. Rufus may be a shocking racist by the standards of our time, but when Dana compares him to his father, she finds him to be the lesser of two evils.

It is best to ask your instructor about the expectations for your paper. If it is a novel, is it written in Kindered excerpt analysis first person? If you are reading something longer, are there certain words that come up again and again? Does the speaker have a stance about whether there is a purpose behind the scene?

A Short Guide to Close Reading for Literary Analysis

If you are comparing and contrasting two texts, you might work thematically or by addressing first one text and then the other. When asked, Dana tells Weylin that they are from New York. If so, what is it? Overview When your teachers or professors ask you to analyze a literary text, they often look for something frequently called close reading.

There had been inordinate periods of time, after his beloved country was invaded not once, not twice, but three times in a scant five year period when, like Darfur, all hope seemed lost for his native land.

For at night a strange thing happened. Here's an example of thinking through these elements in "Design. We might also consider the speaker asking what other force but dark design could use something as simple as appalling in its other sense making pale or white to effect death.

Many texts, especially longer forms like novels and plays, have multiple themes. If you are not making marks directly on, in, and beside the text, be sure to note line numbers or even quote portions of the text so you have enough context to remember what you found interesting.

A paragraph about the penultimate line We should look for additional clues further on in the text. To give one example of how to do this, we will read the poem "Design" by famous American poet Robert Frost and attend to four major components of literary texts: Questions What is happening with disruption in "Design"?

Watching a whipping take place, however, is unbearably real for her. When we imagine spiders, we do not generally picture them dimpled and white; it is an uncommon and decidedly creepy image. He rapes her, beats her until she is near death after she attempts to escape with her slave husband, sells her husband, enslaves Alice, and keeps her as his mistress.

Just a few questions and we should be out of here. When it is time to write your paper and formalize your close reading, you will sort through your work to figure out what is most convincing and helpful to the argument you hope to make and, conversely, what seems like a stretch.

What had that flower to do with being white, The wayside blue and innocent heal-all?

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Was the moth, then, also searching for camouflage, only to meet its end? Rufus, by means Dana never discovers, summons Dana from the present to aid him in the past whenever his life is endangered.

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They searched for the moon, which would make them glorious. Behind the speaker and the disturbing scene, we have Frost and his defiance of our expectations for a Petrarchan sonnet. Rufus has just fallen out of a tree and broken his leg.

A Short Guide to Close Reading for Literary Analysis

Frost seems to do something fairly standard in the octave in presenting a situation; however, the turn Frost makes is not to resolution, but to questions and uncertainty. Nigel Christian nodded slightly, put the coffee cup back on its saucer, and looked directly at Bud Eddelstrom.Below is a free excerpt of "Literary Analysis Of Kindred" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Octavia E. Butler’s work Kindred is a profound novel that illustrates the destructive power of obessive love. Butler also does a remarkable job protraying the graphic nature of racial prejudice in /5(1).

41 quotes from Kindred: ‘Better to stay alive, I said. At least while there's a chance to get free. I thought of the sleeping pills in my bag and wond. Kindred is an old-fashioned word that means family members or blood relations. It's especially important to the themes of this novel because the black female protagonist Dana is actually related to.

Here follows an excerpt from a brief analysis of "Design" based on the close reading above. This example focuses on some lines in great detail in order to unpack the meaning and significance of the poem's language.

Study Guide for Kindred by Octavia E. Butler Analysis Synopsis Previous Page | Table of Contents | Next Page Downloadable / Printable Version STUDY GUIDE FOR KINDRED BY OCTAVIA E.

BUTLER QUOTATIONS - IMPORTANT QUOTES AND ANALYSIS. The following quotations are important at various points in the story. Analysis and discussion of characters in Octavia Butler's Kindred.

Kindered excerpt analysis
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