Yamaha r15

Powertrain The new VVA-enquipped engine in the Yamaha YZF-R15 v3 allows more torque as well as more power to co-exist while the bump up in compression as well as displacement means that the v3 is more powerful all the time compared to the old model With the number of changes to the engine it would only be fair to say this is an all-new motorcycle and not a 'version 3.

It generates a maximum of Yamaha r15 PS and 15 Nm. While most international markets get an upside down fork for the front Yamaha r15, the Indian market has to make do with conventional forks that do the job pretty well.

What we can tell you is that trail has reduced from 98mm to 88mm — which hints at a sharper steering rake angle. Conventional pistons are typically made in a casting process where molten aluminum is cast in a mold. With this update, Yamaha R15 V3 gets even more desirable. The rear end looks similar to the R1 too, particularly the rear seat cowl and the LED tail light.

Priced at Rs 1. More on the suspension later. The R15 offered a near-perfect balance of performance, affordability and dynamics that was unseen in our two-wheeler space before its arrival.

Fuel injection is used to ensure excellent fuel efficiency as well as environmental friendliness. In a non-VVA motor, the cam has to be set for either low-mid-range power or one can have better mid-range and top-end. Needless to say, its India launch at the Auto Expo was anticipated highly as the new bike is a huge leap over the previous version in nearly every aspect.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3

The riding experience Our seat time was short, but the findings on the racetrack were very interesting. The benefits of using this method include stable performance during long-distance, high-speed riding and hill climbing.

Currently, it retails at Rs 1. Only do this when you are sure you have the decal correctly aligned with the plastics. Additionally, because the head and cylinder are enclosed in a water jacket, mechanical noise from the engine is reduced dramatically. The styling is hard to fault with as the new bike looks smashing, especially in this red-grey colour combination you see here.

This is achieved by a single overhead camshaft and a compression ratio of In case of single-ABS units, the front wheel are prevent from locking up, but the rear-wheels still lock up.

Yamaha introduces Dual Channel ABS for YZF-R15 V0

How to install your decals, graphics and race numbers? The hardcore seating posture is also left intact, with the fully rear-set footpegs and low-set forward clip-on handlebars, pushing the rider forward, but with the knee recesses coming a bit early on the fuel tank, the taller rides may find it cramped.

The motorcycle handles like a dream. In addition, the intake and exhaust valve angles have been kept small to achieve optimum combustion chamber configuration. The older bike, on the other hand, produced 17hp of power and an identical torque of 15Nm from its cc mill.

This is what makes the power delivery linear and smooth. When I say improved, it is from the perspective of an enthusiast who takes corners at a pretty generous speed.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3

Its gear box remains a 6-speed unit with the same internal ratios; but Yamaha has revised the final drive ratio to better suit the nature of the new engine. Step 1 Remove Old Wrap Step 2. June 12, Yamaha has kept its promise and has launched the Yamaha YZF R15 today and now that it is launched, we bring to you the full specification and features of one of the most anticipated launches of Even the first generation of the bike is powered by the same The bike also gets a slipper clutch, which is missing from the previous generation models.

The forward-weighted position also helps the motorcycle brake better even when the roads are wet. The motor is mated to a six-speed constant make that makes it a hell of a ride. The absence of ABS was felt badly, as the tires got locked immediately on sudden braking.

Resulting in an invigorating feeling when revving up. The tail-light is also a triangular LED unit which goes well with the design of the fully split-seat aided tail cowl, which though aerodynamically superior, misses out on practicality, with the absence of grab rail.

Split-seats have been carried forward but the tail-section is all-new, with a redesigned LED tail-light. The newly developed engine delivers agile riding performance, and excellent performance on straight stretches of road as well as on winding roads.Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Highlights.

16th August, Yamaha India has launched the YZF-R15 V MotoGP Limited Edition at Rs 1,30, which is a premium of Rs 3, over the standard variant.

Recently, the Japanese manufacturer also hiked the price of the standard variant by Rs 2, While Yamaha hasn't given a reason for the hike, it could be attributed to the increase in input and.

Jan 10,  · Yamaha R15 V3 finally gets a dual-channel ABS unit, which is a first in the cc segment. Along with ABS, the bike gets a new Dark Knight colour option. Yamaha – Japanese Motorcycles upholds Filipino Automotive Standards. Yamaha Corporation or more commonly known as Yamaha is a multinational conglomerate based in Japan that specializes in the manufacturing & distribution of a wide variety of products & services.

Global website of Yamaha Corporation. Please click here to the Product Site of your country or region. New Delhi: Yamaha R15 is the motorcycle that brought swag to the cc segment nearly a decade back.

The sporty handling and legendary R1 genes made it very popular, a tag stuck to it till date. Yamaha recently launched the all-new R15 in the Indian market. It is the all-new version of the bike and is the most powerful R15 till date.

How does the all-new R15 .

Yamaha r15
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